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Ever wanted to know what happened to the Cullens after they sent the Volturi packing? Here is the place to find out.
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 Calypso Calor

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Calypso Calor
Calypso Calor

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PostSubject: Calypso Calor   Calypso Calor EmptyWed Jun 04, 2014 6:27 pm

Name: Calypso Dahlia Calor
Appearance (Note: Check face claims before doing this part): Calypso has olive skin, green-ish hazel eyes, and long dark brown hair. Her build is thin and she is of average height. A scar is on her right cheek, it's rigged and a thin but still able to be seen. She also has a tattoo on her rips saying I'm free with a feather, that has birds coming out of the tip.
Race (Vampire, Werewolf, Human): Werewolf
Coven(only if Vampire): Nada <3
Pack(Only if Werewolf): Sam's
Power (If any, limit: 1): Nada <3

Personality (in 40 words or more): Calypso is a free-spirited child. She is very adventurous, She shows elements of bravery but also stubbornness and a fiery temper despite her gentle soul to those she cares about. She is confident, strong witted and sharp tongued, refusing to back down from a fight if one comes up. She can be empathetic at times to those who she felt deserved it. Her judgement on people is very good and she's quick to the mark. She loves to sing, play guitar but rarely does it in front of people as she fears she is never good enough.

Background(In 100 words or more): The moment Calypso was born, she knew she was different from her parents but never knew why. All her life, she was bullied for being different but never got told why. There were days she'd fight back but the others, she didn't. Enjoying the pain as it made her feel alive. Her parents were cold hearted people, her father abused her and her mother simply watched and when Calypso would cry out in pain, she was ignored. One day when she was 16, she got into a fight with some kids at school and the moment she came home with bruises, her parents freaked out, hurting her more than the kids at school. Something inside her snapped, she felt so much pain as if someone had poured acid inside of her veins and then felt hotter and hotter by the second. The moment this...thing inside of her snapped, she escaped and ran. Mid run in the forest outside of her house, a change went over her. Her body seemed to crack and change into the shape of a giant wolf. In her mind, she was screaming. The pain would never end. Calypso had no idea what to do but kept running and running, filled with anger, pain and sadness. Laying beside a lake, it calmed her down and that's when she changed back. Finding her way back home, seeing that her parents were gone, she grabbed as much stuff as she could, mainly her laptop, her music and some clothes and money she stole from their bags and safe, she went back into the forest and kept walking for days until she found herself in Forks, hiding behind some persons house before being found by people like her...
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Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Calypso Calor   Calypso Calor EmptyWed Jun 04, 2014 6:36 pm


If you want Edward to hear your thoughts, use Italics Color if you want it to be something you said, and leave white if you want it to just be their own thoughts.
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Calypso Calor
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