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Ever wanted to know what happened to the Cullens after they sent the Volturi packing? Here is the place to find out.
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Michelle Hastings
Michelle Hastings

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PostSubject: Michelle Hastings   Michelle Hastings EmptySat Jun 07, 2014 4:02 am

Name: Michelle Adele Emily Hastings
Appearance (Note: Check face claims before doing this part): She has brown hair, brown eyes too. She is quite thin and also slim.
Race (Vampire, Werewolf, Human): Werewolf
Pack(Only if Werewolf): None currently
Power (If any, limit: 1): none
Personality (in 40 words or more): She is very kind and sweet girl. She is also quite friendly and you can barely see her as mean and rude girl. She really doesn't like to yell at people she just hates it. She is quite loyal once she trusts you. Yeah she has trust issues. She is quite cheerful girl actually too, even if that she smiles or laughs doesm"t mean that she is actually happy at that moment.

Background(In 100 words or more): Michelle was born into happy family. She had older brother, mother and father. They all did get along very well and did went to family trips every time when possible. Yeah it's all in the past now.

When Michelle was 5 then her older brother died, he was murdered back then, little girl didn't knoe it she did found it out few years later. When she was 10 then her parents died in car crash, Michelle survived miracally. She has no idea why and what was purpose yoive then. She did live in many foster families and also in orphanges. She did live her own snce she was 16.

She has since then lived alone and traveled lot. She knows who she is since she was 16 also then. Now she is 19 and came to Forks to have quiet life.
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Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Michelle Hastings   Michelle Hastings EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 12:11 pm


If you want Edward to hear your thoughts, use Italics Color if you want it to be something you said, and leave white if you want it to just be their own thoughts.
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Michelle Hastings
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