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 Wandering alone (Open)

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Renesmee Cullen
Renesmee Cullen

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Wandering alone (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Wandering alone (Open)   Wandering alone (Open) EmptySat Jan 10, 2015 1:12 am

Renesmee was wandering around by herself even though she wasnt allowed to be alone she was. She was always told to never leave the house by herself with out her mommy or daddy. But she did. She jumped and climbed a tree smiling. She looked around and made sure no one had saw her. She kept wandering for a bit then tripped and fell she whimpered softly and touched around her arms and such to make sure she was not bleeding at all. She didnt want to have to explain to her mom or dad why she was hurt. Even though she would be fine by the time she got back to the house someone would know she got hurt.

Wandering alone (Open) Tumblr_n708vwFRK01tv5qnio1_500
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Wandering alone (Open)
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