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Ever wanted to know what happened to the Cullens after they sent the Volturi packing? Here is the place to find out.
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 Sam Uley Application

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Sam Uley
Sam Uley

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PostSubject: Sam Uley Application   Sam Uley Application EmptyTue Jun 10, 2014 3:51 pm

Name: Sam Uley
Appearance (Note: Check face claims before doing this part):
Sam Uley Application 20091116041246!SamUley
Race (Vampire, Werewolf, Human): Werewolf
Coven(only if Vampire):
Pack(Only if Werewolf): Sam's pack (His own)
Power (If any, limit: 1):
Personality (in 40 words or more):
Sam is a very mature person, and has been since childhood, due to his fathers disappearance. he takes his duty as Alpha very seriously, although he does not like the job. He tries hard to be a good Alpha, although sometimes he is quick to overreact to things, or takes too long to make decisions. Sometimes he results to using his Alpha voice to get what he wants.

He hates Vampires, although he tolerates the Cullens, and even counts them as allies.
Background(In 100 words or more):

Sam grew up without a father, but knew he was a descendant of Levi Uley, who was rumored to be a werewolf, but like the rest of his generation, he believed it all a myth.

During his sophomore year at school, he started dating Leah Clearwater. He loved her with all his heart, which is why they lasted until his senior year, when he phased into a werewolf. He had no idea what was going on, and it took him too weeks to phase back into a human. Lucky for him, Old Quil explained to him the the myths were real. He kept his relationship with Leah.

That was until Emily Young came to visit. Sam imprinted on her, and that ended any relationship he had with Leah. Once, Sam got angry and phased too close to Emily, scaring her face for life. Sam always tortures himself for that, in the same way he tortures himself for hurting Leah.

As more Wolfs joined his pack, Sam began a new struggle as Alpha of the pack. He awaited the day Jacob Black joined the pack so that he could step aside. When he did, however Jacob did not want to spot, so Sam kept it.

Sam let Jacob make a  lot of decisions for the pack, like when they had an alliance with the Cullens to defeat the new born army. However, when they learned that the Cullens was breeding an unknown, he did not take no for a answer, which lead to Jacob, Leah and Seth breaking from the pack.

Sam and his pack were among Jacobs pack when the Volturi came to kiss Renesmee.

Now Sam keeps an easy relationship with Jacob and his pack. He also keeps a NOT so easy relationship with the Cullens.  He doesn't love them, but he tolerates them. He is willing to risk his life again to save them, because he knows this thing with the Volturi is long from over..
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Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Sam Uley Application   Sam Uley Application EmptyTue Jun 10, 2014 3:53 pm


If you want Edward to hear your thoughts, use Italics Color if you want it to be something you said, and leave white if you want it to just be their own thoughts.
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Sam Uley Application
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