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Ever wanted to know what happened to the Cullens after they sent the Volturi packing? Here is the place to find out.
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 Chatbox Rules [MUST READ]

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Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen

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Chatbox Rules [MUST READ] Empty
PostSubject: Chatbox Rules [MUST READ]   Chatbox Rules [MUST READ] EmptySun Jun 01, 2014 9:56 pm

These Rules are simple.

1. The Chatbox is mainly OOC. Out of Character. This means I shall act like David, not Edward Cullen. We are currently working on setting up a side chatbox which will be strictly In Character, but until that time. Rping in the chatbox is advised against. We shall not get mad, but try to keep the rping in chatbox to a minimum.

2. No bugging people to post to threads. I simple prod is fine, but constantly saying 'go respond' is rude, and people will most likely not respond to you because they are ticked off.

3. Keeping swearing to a minimum, yes, it is allowed, but don't become some gang junkie dude who swears every other word.

4. The Basic rules are still expected to be followed. Check them out Here if you have not already.

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Chatbox Rules [MUST READ]
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