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Ever wanted to know what happened to the Cullens after they sent the Volturi packing? Here is the place to find out.
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 Isabella Marie Cullen

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Bella Cullen
Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Isabella Marie Cullen    Isabella Marie Cullen  EmptyThu Jun 05, 2014 12:33 am

Name: Isabella Marie (Nee Swan) Cullen
Appearance:Isabella Marie Cullen  250px-Bella-306318_429619423747956_93621998_n
Race (Vampire, Werewolf, Human): Vampire
Coven(only if Vampire): Olympic
Pack(Only if Werewolf):
Power (If any, limit: 1): Mental shield
Personality (in 40 words or more): Bella is strong and independent. Though rather clumsy at times though this is less noticeable now that she has been turned. She is also a rather a terrible liar. She has a much clearer view of the world then before. Bella is very self controlled and was able to withstand the scent of human blood on her first hunting trip.

Background(In 100 words or more):  Born Isabella Marie Swan to Charlie and Renee Swan who divorced three months after she was born. Bella was taken to live with her grandmother in California until her mother Renee got on her feet. When she was 6 she moved to Phoenix to live with her mother only later to move back to Forks the town she was born in though she had said many times that she hated the weather there however she did not want to keep her mother and her new husband from traveling.

While attending high school in Forks she met and got involved with a student Edward Cullen who she eventually married only after both of them realized that they could not be apart. Also that was the only way Bella would get what she wanted to be a vampire like Edward himself. However before she was turned she wanted to do one more thing to tie herself to Edward in every way human. She ends up becoming pregnant and her and Edwards baby girl Renesmee almost started a war between the Cullens and the Volturi though it was all an misunderstanding.
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Isabella Marie Cullen
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