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Ever wanted to know what happened to the Cullens after they sent the Volturi packing? Here is the place to find out.
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 David Shuter

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David Shuter
David Shuter

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PostSubject: David Shuter    David Shuter  EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 9:23 pm

Name: David Shuter
Appearance (Note: Check face claims before doing this part):
David Shuter  18052b881fb22cbd7be26226db8ba9d4
Race (Vampire, Werewolf, Human): Human
Coven(only if Vampire): NA
Pack(Only if Werewolf):NA
Power (If any, limit: 1):NA
Personality (in 40 words or more):
David is a very kind person, he always thinks of others needs before his own. Of course, he can also put strangers needs behind people's that he knows, like Grace. Grace is his world, and he would do anything to protect her, and keep her safe, and happy. Even if it harmed him. He can be sure of himself at times, and never backs down from a fight, even if he knows he is going to loose.

Background(In 100 words or more):
Born David Shuter, David lived in Trenton, Canada. He was an only child, only having his mother, his father having left her before David was born. David was not well liked in school, and a lot of kids tried to bully him. He took up martial arts to defend himself.

However, when he was 11, he was struck by lightning, having been outside playing during a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms had been calming to him, and were his favorite time to be outside. He survived however, to everyone's shock. He was actually barely harmed, this surprised a lot of people.

He left at the age of 15, since rumors were still flying around that he was a freak. He and his mom chose the only place they could think of that no one in trenton would know anyone there.. Forks, Washington.

David was not bothered by the rain, loving it. Forks highschool was different though. he was actually popular, and people liked him, wanting to learn all the crazy Martial arts moves he knew (which was quite a few, being a brown belt). One girl though, did not seem to be that interested in his belt, more like the person under the belt. Grace Snow, the girl he had gym with. They talked as they played badminton and other stuff together, and slowly began to fall in love. When it was girls choice dance, she asked him, he said yes, and their strong relationship was formed.

He is now 17, and it has yet to be broken.
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Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: David Shuter    David Shuter  EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 9:44 pm


If you want Edward to hear your thoughts, use Italics Color if you want it to be something you said, and leave white if you want it to just be their own thoughts.
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David Shuter
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